Farm, Business, and Residential Solar Development

Solar_Development.jpgDo your part to help the environment while saving on your electric bill.

GC ReVOLT helps farms, businesses, and urban residences set up their own solar energy system so they can be part of the alternative energy solution.


Lithium Ion Batteries


GC ReVOLT is introducing its first line of lithium ion batteries to help back up your alternative energy project!

Batteries help protect a farm or residence from blackouts caused by tough Nebraska weather, and also aging electrical grid infrastructure.  Batteries are also also good to smooth out inconsistencies with electrical service in extremely rural areas, and furthermore can allow customers to store low cost energy when the sun is out, and use that low cost energy in the nighttime. 


Alternative Energy Lobbying

IMG_8740.PNGGraham Christensen is the principal lobbyist for GC ReVOLT.  

Because GC ReVOLT is always working with folks on the ground to help deliver their alternative energy resources we often see the shortcomings in our state energy policy.  We want to help clean up restrictive policies and governmental overreach that limit aggressive alternative energy development.


Community Renewable Energy Organization + Development Renewable_Energy.jpg

Green is in. Property tax revenues, new jobs, local economic development, low future energy prices, energy independence and security, water savings, and no greenhouse gas emissions are all huge benefits of homegrown energy development.  

GC ReVOLT looks forward to helping your community move towards a more sustainable and resilient future with community-scale wind and solar development.  Let us know when you are ready to get the discussion started.


Large Wind Energy Landowner Education + Organization (Land Agent)


Farmers and ranchers have a valuable commodity in their nationally ranked wind energy resource. 

GC ReVOLT partners with larger wind energy development companies to help educate and organize landowners in setting up wind projects in rural Nebraska.  If you are a company working to lease land for large wind energy projects, please let us know.  We want to help.




Grant Writing 


GC ReVOLT assists farmers and ranchers with grant writing.  

So far GC ReVOLT has written several USDA REAP grants that have been awarded to our customers! 







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