Residential Solar Development

More good people are doing their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at their homes while simultaneously saving serious cash on the electric bill!

GC ReVOLT has developed solar systems in cities and small towns on all different shapes and sizes of residences.


Farm and Commercial Solar System Development

Farm Businesses and Commercial Entities are turning to solar to eliminate expensive utility costs and cut down on tax liabilities, but as an outcome are also transforming the breadbasket of the nation into a clean energy production powerhouse, and re-writing the rules around energy security.

Whatever your goals may be, GC ReVOLT strives to help you meet them.


Battery Storage (Grid-Tied) with Solar

IMG_0704.jpegGC ReVOLT is helping more people attain energy independence with an increasing focus on deploying the latest lithium battery technologies!

Batteries help farms and residences maintain electrical reliability during blackouts that can be caused by extreme Nebraska weather and they allow you to control your electrical load.  Batteries are also good to smooth out inconsistencies with electrical service in extremely rural areas, and furthermore can allow customers to store low-cost energy to use when the sun is not out. 


Off-Grid Hybrid Solar and Storage

There are some places that the electrical lines just don't go.  If you are the Off-Grid type, we are your company.  

GC ReVOLT is here to bring the energy from the sun to those hard-to-reach places.

Community Solar and Alternative Energy Development Renewable_Energy.jpg

More Nebraska communities are opting to power their electrical grid with their own low-cost homegrown natural resources.  The results for the villages and towns that move towards energy independence include lower and more stable future electricity prices, demand and peak cost savings, energy security, water savings, and zero greenhouse gas emissions.  

GC ReVOLT works with rural villages and towns in order to develop more secure, resilient, and long-standing communities with their very own alternative energy resources.   


Large Commercial Solar and Wind Energy Landowner Education + Organization (Land Agent Services)


Farmers and ranchers have untapped valuable commodities in their nationally ranked solar and wind energy resources. 

GC ReVOLT teams up with large alternative energy development companies to help educate, organize, and lease land so landowners and rural communities can access valuable new revenues from large solar and wind projects.  So far we have successfully assembled a 50,000-acre territory for a 300-megawatt wind farm, as well as a 3,000-acre territory for a 300+ megawatt solar farm. 

If you are a company working to lease land for large-scale commercial projects, please let us know.  We want to help.



Education is the foundation of a strong community. 

GC ReVOLT designs school curriculum, lectures at colleges, and speaks at organizational meetings.  

What we are learning in the exciting arena of alternative energy development, we want to share with you!  

Contact us if we can help.


Government Relations 

IMG_8740.PNGGC ReVOLT is committed to the aggressive expansion of zero-emission alternative energy resources and understands the importance of good policy to help reach those goals. 

Over the years we have gained a lot of experience working on alternative energy and environmental issues at all levels of government.  Because we are always working with the people on the ground level to help deliver their alternative energy goals we come across shortcomings in our state and local policy often.  We want to help clean up restrictive policies, and utility and governmental overreach that limit alternative energy development. 

If you align with our commitment to aggressive greenhouse gas drawdown and open up alternatives for business then please contact us.  We would like to work with you.


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