How do I get started?    

Call or email Graham Christensen or Steven Kirchner, or simply hit the checkbox indicating your interest in solar and alternative energy on the CONTACT PAGE. Graham or Steven will reach out to help you understand how solar will benefit you. Be prepared by having your energy bill ready.

How long does it take to get a solar project planned and developed?

Solar development takes time to properly plan and construct. If you are interested you should expect at least one or two months from start to finish. Depending on various circumstances such as size, location, grants, and financing, projects can sometimes take longer.

Will this really save me money?

Yes!  In some cases, solar panels can cut the price of energy costs in half and pay themselves off between 5-10 years, out of a 25-year life.  

I don’t have a lot of cash, can I finance this project?

Many people and communities are eligible for low-interest financing programs.  If financing is needed, GC ReVOLT has a team that will help you better understand your financing options.

Does the federal investment tax credit expire soon?

You are eligible for the federal investment tax credit. At 26% of gross project cost, the credit is a BIG deal. If you are interested in homegrown solar energy, now is the time to get the discussion going!

How do I maintain my solar panels?

Simply rinse and wipe them off once a year. GC ReVOLT also has an optional maintenance agreement in order to inspect and maintain clients' solar arrays.  

Do solar panels hold up to the Midwest's extreme weather conditions?

Yes. GC ReVOLT uses solar panels that are tested to hold up to hail and high wind speeds, and can also be designed for more extreme conditions. Solar arrays also should be insured as part of the farm or homeowners insurance policy for worse-case scenarios. Solar panels also come with 25-year production warranties.  

Where are solar components manufactured?

The majority of solar components are manufactured overseas, however, GC ReVOLT gives preference to US made and manufactured components when designing solar projects. GC ReVOLT understands every situation is unique and will design projects to fit customer preferences and needs.