GC ReVOLT is a solar and alternative energy development company that was set up to compliment sister company GC Resolve, an environmental consulting business.  Inspired by the independent spirit of the American farmer, GC ReVOLT was set up to help expedite the role of the farmer in developing their energy resources, while leading the effort to curb emissions and expenses on the farm.  


Graham P. Christensen, President

Graham Christensen has long believed that the farmer would have a critical role in stopping climate change.  This belief led to a career dealing with alternative energy and climate-related issues.  Christensen has worked with the Nebraska Wind Working Group to help to educate Nebraskans on renewable energy, and worked with a broad coalition, called Power Lincoln Locally, to help advocate for more solar energy in the state's capitol. Christensen has also been active in his family’s farm in northeast Nebraska his entire life, continuing a tradition that first started in 1867.  Alternative energy is a big part of the farm operation with 25kw's of solar energizing the day to day operations.  For fun Christensen likes to play baseball, listen to good music, cook local foods, and explore new places.


Laura Priest, Solar Grant/Finance Manager

Laura Priest is a lifelong resident of Nebraska. She is a graduate of Westside High School in Omaha, and went on to complete her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies with a focus in Geography and Planning at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Priest admittedly has a passion for protecting Nebraska’s air, land, and water, and is always eager to help those in often overlooked areas. She has helped to secure grant funding and low interest financing for farms and small businesses across the state to produce their own clean, renewable energy. Laura has worked with local and federal agencies, and public power districts to implement policies related to improving the state of renewable energy in Nebraska. When not trying to save the planet, she enjoys hiking and cycling the trails in the area, and exploring hidden gems around the state.  


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