OPPD learning how to incorporate more solar into the grid


The Omaha Public Power District is dead set on hitting its net zero carbon emissions goal by 2050. That means the use of alternative energy like natural gas, wind and solar.

Graham Christensen with GC ReVOLT, LLC said the district has made several changes as they push for their 2050 goal.

Christensen (also) said through President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act, homeowners will be able to save more when installing solar panels through tax credits. The Inflation Reduction Act says rebates will remain at 30 percent potentially cutting the price down for installation by thousands of dollars.

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Solar Energy in Nebraska with Graham Christensen

Graham Christensen, Founder and President of Nebraska solar energy company GC ReVOLT, explains solar energy processes, installation of the panels and batteries, upfront costs and long-term savings and more -- including how solar energy relates to national security.

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